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Montauk, NY and the surround waters provide excellent opportunity for chasing and catching bluefin tuna on the fly. Bluefin tuna are a magnificent and highly sought after species of fish. They are one of the fastest fish in the ocean and few things compare to seeing bluefin tuna feeding on top and casting flies into the mix.

Finding the bluefin tuna, is a big part of game. And, a good guide with many years of experience, knowledge of the various bluefin tuna fishing grounds and a good network of local friends and fishermen is a priceless part of the equation.

Don't let the size of bluefin tuna fool you, many times they feed on very small bait and fishing with flies that match the bait is absolutely required.

12-14 weight fly rod and reel setups are in order when pursuing bluefin tuna and if you hook up with a bluefin tuna; it is sure to be a fly fishing experience you won't soon forget.

Capt. Ernie French

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