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The bluefish, called tailor in Australia, is a popular saltwater game-fish with an appetite for destruction. It is the sole species of the Pomatomidae family and a fish that offers plenty of excitement and fast fishing when they invade the waters that surround Montauk.

Bluefish are cannibalistic fish and predatory feeding machines. They are known for their endless appetite, wild and exciting feeding habits, sharp teeth and strong jaws.

When a bluefish blitz is in progress, these fish will take almost any fly with reckless abandonment. Steel leaders and/or bite guards are a must when catching bluefish. Their razor sharp teeth will easily cut saltwater fly fishing leaders.

Bluefish are plentiful on Montauk and the surrounding waters and if you are looking for some fast fishing and adrenaline pumping action; bluefish will not disappoint. And, seeing blitzing bluefish and getting them to take your fly is only half the fun. Bluefish have a prominent forked tail and they are built for power and speed. Hooking a 10 pound bluefish will certainly put a bend in your fly rod and take some line off your fly reel.

Capt. Ernie French

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