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Accommodations For Montauk Fishermen

The Hamptons, in general, have many lodging opportunities and where you stay is dependant on what you want to do and who you are coming with. If you are just coming to fish with yourself or with a group of friends and your not interested in all of the other things that The Hamptons have to offer, you might want to consider finding lodging in Montauk. East Hampton is also a good choice and close, but if cheaper is better for you, it is likely that you will find more affordable options in Montauk.

If you are coming to the Montauk area for more than just the fishing and you are looking to blend a fishing trip with family vacation; you might want to look at all of the options that The Hamptons and Montauk have to offer. Your fishing trip to Montauk can be whatever you want it to be.

Check with the Chambers of Commerce on our links page for both East Hampton and Montauk.  Montauk tends to be more affordable.

Capt. Ernie French

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