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False Albacore, Albies, Fat Albert, Little Tuny

There are few things that get Northeast saltwater fly fishermen's hearts pumping like albies. These fish are speed demons, built of solid muscle and an amazing fish to pursue with flies.

Fly fishing for albies in the Northeast is a unique experience. Albies can be found traveling and feeding in small pods (3-7 fish) and sometimes acres of fish. Don't let their numbers fool you though. Much like Bonito, but with a bit more consistency, they are "up" and "down" quick and success is dependant on good teamwork and communication between the fly angler and captain.

Albies are notorious for "coming up" within casting range of the boat without notice. And, the angler needs to be ready to fire off a cast in seconds flat. The mark of a good albie captain resides in his ability to see the bigger picture and read the water and the feeding patterns. A good captain focuses on where the albies are now, a great captain focuses on where the albies will be next.

Albies are a beautiful fish with amazing colors and their first run will make your reel sing! Most Northeast fly fisherman would agree that the thrill of chasing, tricking and catching albies never fades and it is nearly impossible to catch one and not be hooked for life.

Capt. Ernie French

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