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Saltwater Flies For Fly Fishing Montauk

Captain Ernie French uses an assortment of top water, mid water and deep water flies.  These flies include poppers, sliders, epoxies, deceivers, clouser  minnows and a few that defy description.  Bring your own flies along if you wish.

The flies that will be used on a guided trip will be dependant on what species of fish are being targeted, the time of year and where the fish are feeding.

It is not uncommon to see large pods of striped bass and bluefish smashing bait on the surface. The same fish can also cruise structure and shoreline solo or in smaller numbers. If you enjoy tying flies for your trip, you can't go wrong with deceivers of various colors and sizes.

False albacore are notorious for being rather "picky" on certain days. The albies have smaller mouths and typically feed on "smaller" flies such as bunny flies or epoxy flies; and many times it can be very important to "match the hatch". Sand eels, silver sides and anchovies are all good patterns to have in your fly box.

Capt. Ernie French

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